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Sep 7

We are looking for a Web Designer to join our team.

About the Position

The Web Designer is a key role in the consistent fulfillment of client website projects. You will assist with a variety of website design and production responsibilities with an emphasis on UX/UI design and content design.

You will work closely with our team to formulate plans, create wireframes, and bring everything together for a polished and complete website. You will also interface directly with clients on video calls to gather information and present designs to clients.

You will be designing in Figma and building pages using a drag-n-drop WordPress editor called Beaver Builder. Experience in either or both of these tools is a plus.

This is primarily a tactical position but will require discernment and strategic thinking. You will be responsible for making content layout and design decisions so a good eye for content design and UX/UI best practices are essential. This role also requires a high level of attention to detail to ensure the proper setup and polish of finished websites.

This is a full-time, salary position with flexible PTO and support for lifelong learning. We are a fully-remote team which means no commute or cubicles (and lots of video chat and emoji).

Louder Agency is a digital marketing and web agency dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations, churches, schools and purposeful brands make a greater impact on the world.

Get more info. & apply at: https://louderagency.com/careers/web-designer/

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Meet with clients via video call to determine their needs and design preferences.
  • Design and build websites using Beaver Builder in WordPress (no advanced knowledge of coding is required although basic CSS knowledge is a plus).
  • Create mockups and assets for client websites in Figma.
  • Own other website production tasks within WordPress including but not limited to:
  • Set up website forms and other third-party tools (no code knowledge required).
  • Setting up plugins, menus, and other WordPress modules.
  • Importing and cleaning up events, blog posts, and different types of content.
  • Assist with content design on web pages including creating style guides and pre-designed asset libraries.
  • Photo selection and basic photo editing for website projects.
  • Run quality assurance (QA) reviews of websites and deliverables before they are launched or sent to a client for review
  • Occasionally design logos, print materials, and more.
  • Gather assets from clients through weekly 15-minute “pulse calls” and using our project management tools.
  • Assist with formatting website strategy documentation, website briefs and launch plans.
  • Train clients on website content entry and content management.
  • Communicate and collaborate with other team members throughout projects.
  • Maintain knowledge of current website trends and best practices across channels, proposing new ideas or tactics to try as they arise.

Get more info. & apply at: https://louderagency.com/careers/web-designer/

About You

You want to go deeper in your website knowledge and experience. You are hungry for more opportunities to implement website strategies and track what works and doesn’t. 

You have the ability to design in a variety of styles but appreciate the difference between intentional user interface design and art.

You have a strong eye for visual composition and thoroughly enjoy designing/laying out content using best practices of design (hierarchy, contrast, etc.), function, and psychology.

You are highly detail-oriented. You stress over the little things and make sure every detail is accounted for before the job is done.

You love supporting others. Knowing that you’ve set someone else up for success gives you enormous satisfaction. You connect with team members on a personal level, while working together to get the work at hand completed.

You’re big on follow-through. When you commit to sending a follow-up, it happens. You take pride in delivering on all your promises and exceeding expectations on deadlines.

You are open, direct, and straightforward. You believe that honesty, awareness, and ownership are the direct routes to problem-solving.

It is pretty impossible to faze you and you can take a hit and keep rolling. Your goal is to get it done, even if the path that gets there isn’t quite the one that you anticipated!

You’re a lifelong learner. You enjoy growing and seek out ways to hone your craft through books, podcasts, training, and good ol’ Google searches.

Desired Skills & Qualifications

  • Experience with working on websites in one or more of the following areas: content design, copywriting, content management/production, graphic design, UX/UI design.
  • Strong understanding of visual layout and content design on the web.
  • Excellent design eye, especially when it comes to selecting colors and laying out content hierarchy.
  • Experience with WordPress. Experience with a page builder systems (e.g. Beaver Builder or Elementor) is a plus.
  • Working knowledge of website best practices.
  • HTML and CSS to take update designs as needed (although this is not a development job) is a plus.
  • Experience building digital content and content strategy best practices is a plus.
  • Basic copywriting skills are a plus.
  • Organization skills are a must due to the range of projects, milestones, and deliverables that run concurrently.
  • Excellent face-to-face and written communication skills. 

Get more info. & apply at: https://louderagency.com/careers/web-designer/

About Us

Louder Agency is a digital marketing and web agency dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations, churches, schools and purposeful brands make a greater impact on the world.

We are a fully remote company based in Louisville, KY, with team members across North America. While we work with a variety of industries, our primary focus is on serving ministries and service-based nonprofit organizations with monthly marketing, websites, and creative services.

We believe in being intentional—always seeking the why, choosing the best option, and doing the right thing even when it’s not easy. We care about what we do.

We are committed to always improving—always learning, growing, and never settling for the way things are today. We expect progress, not perfection.

We put people first. We strive to build relationships, be human, show empathy, and respect others. We keep priorities in mind, graciously taking care of ourselves and each other as we work together.

We set clear expectations. We communicate often and honestly. We do what we say and strive to exceed expectations.

We strive to live up to these ideals, creating a healthy environment where individuals and the team as a whole can do great work with great people trying to make the world better.

Get more info. & apply at: https://louderagency.com/careers/web-designer/

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