The Playbook for Building a Marquee Culture Within Your Organization

Meet Mark and Ted. They know two how to build two things incredibly well: brand and culture. There’s an invisible threat most companies don’t realize is crushing their growth and success: culture. All too often, leaders think they have a “brand problem,” but oftentimes, it's really their culture. Mark and Ted are talking us through the six components of a "Marquee Culture” and navigating us on what to do with broken cultures. Tune in and learn some cool ideas their company is implementing to build culture.

Today’s Guest

Mark Miller and Ted Vaughn,

Co-Founders of Historic Agency and Co-Authors of Culture Built My Brand


  • Mark and Ted’s stories and journeys to where they are today (2:30)
  • Creating a “Marquee Culture” at your organization (8:00)
  • The 6 layers of marquee cultures (10:00)
  • Navigating and repairing broken cultures (18:00)
  • Powerful moments of philanthropy in Mark and Ted’s lives (21:00)
  • Mark and Ted’s One Good Thing: The more power you have in any organization, the more important it is for you to build a bridge over that power. (28:00)

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