The Great Resignation is Here. How to Leverage it as The Great Opportunity

Meet Sally. She began her career on the advancement team at her alma mater, Washington State University, before running one of the country's largest and most respected development recruitment firms today. Her true passion is great leadership, which drives her to get the right leader in the right seat to inspire successful teams. She's talking us through how to recruit top talent and what the Great Resignation means for those entering and leaving the nonprofit sector.🎧

Today’s Guest

Sally Bryant, President and CEO, The Bryant Group


  • Sally’s story and journey to where she is today (3:17)
  • Sally’s journey to the nonprofit world (6:45)
  • The Great Resignation: what is it and what opportunities is it creating? (14:00)
  • How to attract amazing talent to your organization (22:00)
  • How to retain the talent you have (26:00)
  • Sally’s interview advice (28:00)
  • How To Ace Your Interview - The Bryant Group
  • A powerful moment of philanthropy in Sally’s life (32:00)
  • Sally’s One Good Thing: Always make decisions out of love and trust, and never make decisions out of fear or anxiety. (37:00)

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