Real Talk: How to Recruit + Empower a Diverse Team

Meet Kishshana. Educator, speaker, head honcho, coach, you name it. She is the real deal. Kishshana delivers meaningful messages with such wisdom and knowledge. There is power in her words and actions of creating a more inclusive world, not just in the nonprofit sector. Kishshana gives us an insight into creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace as well as real-life experiences that shaped her into the powerhouse she is today. Hunker down with your notepad and a good pen, you’ll want to write this down.

Today’s Guest

Kishshana Palmer, Speaker, Educator, Trainer, Coach and Recovering Fundraiser, and Founder of The Rooted Collaborative

  • Kishshana’s journey and background (2:50)
  • Using narrative to get people to believe (9:00)
  • Transformational Leadership: Be present in the game. (9:58)
  • The lack of diversity in the nonprofit profession (16:30)
  • Inequities persist in our practices and policies and bubble up and show up in our hiring (20:00)
  • Kishshana’s advice on the “job search” (23:10)
  • The Rooted Collaborative: a female-focused and led community for BIPOC female leaders, entrepreneurs, advocates, and artists who are redefining the look of philanthropy and fundraising, through their eyes. (29:00)
  • Kishshana’s 4 tips to recruit more diverse fundraising professionals to your teams (36:00)
  • Kishshana’s One Good Thing: Get you some good counsel. (46:27)
  • Maintain a diverse mix of mentors, friends, and colleagues on your personal and professional advisory boards (47:00)
  • Kishshana’s Book: Hey I’m New Here

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