How to Diversify the Talent Pipeline in Philanthropy

Meet Karon. She believes philanthropy can be a trusted partner in advancing the greater good. And her team at the Council on Foundations is centered on doing just that by fostering heathy work environments, developing diverse people and advocating for progress. By bringing people together around these topics, her org is bridging divides and creating opportunities for people to listen, share and do the work. And her One Good Thing will move your heart.

Today’s Guest

Karon Moody Harden, VP of Programs and Peer Engagement, Council on Foundations

Episode Highlights

  • Karon’s story and journey to where she is today (3:00)
  • Council on Foundations and their mission (6:50)
  • Philanthropy and how it was defined in 1949 looks very different now in 2021 (7:30)
  • Cohorts: the power in bringing people together and having experiential trainings (10:00)
  • Career Pathways: Council on Foundations’s Flagship Leadership Development Program (14:20)
  • Know the stats: the current state of the nonprofit sector (15:00)
  • Diversifying the talent pipeline in philanthropy (18:00)
  • Start with your board. Be honest about where you are on your equity journey (20:00)
  • Council on Foundations’s support throughout COVID-19 (25:00)
  • Karon’s One Good Thing: tap into the liberating power of rest. The Nap Ministries (33:50) How much influence does rest have on your life?

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