How to Build a Pipeline of Talent & Inclusivity

Meet Birgit. She's our modern-day Renaissance woman in philanthropy. As founder of the African American Development Officers Network, Chair-Elect of Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Global and executive director of foundation relations for Georgia Institute of Technology, she's a triple threat in the development sector - in the best way! We're talking about the power of diversifying the talent pipeline in philanthropy and why "inclusion" should be a word we're all fighting to embrace and infuse as evergreen values in our organizations.

Today’s Guest

Birgit Burton, Founder of African American Development Officers Network


  • Birgit’s Story - 3:03
  • No longer standing out - 9:55
  • Founding story of The African American Development Officers (AADO) Network - 14:42
  • Make an impactful difference - 20:59
  • Don’t just check the box - 30:35
  • Preparing the next generation - 37:39
  • Dreams and visions - 44:09
  • Birgit’s One Good Thing - 48:28

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