Finding + Landing Your First Nonprofit Job

We've been wanting to have a heart-to-heart chat with one particular audience in the nonprofit sector, so we decided to turn that convo into a series: Friday Convos with Young Professionals. This week we're kicking off the 4-part series by chatting about Finding and Landing Your First Nonprofit Job. We're walking through internship tips, interview Do's and Dont's, cover letters and resumes, digital networking (LinkedIn here at centerstage!), and how to start building your professional network. It's all the stuff we wish we knew, what we would do differently and how to have your passion stand out from the crowd.

Episode Overview

  • Our company’s heart for pouring into young professionals (1:30)
  • Warming your network (6:30)
  • Cover letters and resumes: focus on authenticity! (10:00)
  • 4 things to include on your resume (15:00)
  • Activate your network (16:00)
  • Leveraging LinkedIn as young professionals (18:00)
  • Interview do’s and don’ts (23:00)
  • Building your network (32:00)

Listen here: